Faith by Empire Tech Electro Biunique
Faith by Empire Tech Electro Biunique
Faith by Empire Tech Electro Biunique

Faith by Empire Tech Electro Biunique


Introducing Faith by Empire Tech Electro Bionique, combining all the solutions of doctors, cosmetologist and beauty specialist in one simple device.

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Slimming

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For Your Body

Stretch marks


Spider veins


This state-of-the-art device is powered by NASA’s revolutionary infraredtechnology, including 4 wavelengths of light and thermal heating.

Your skin is constantly under attack from UV light, and toxins in the air. To make matters worse, as you age skin produces less collagen. A lot of people have a facial skincare routine, but few pay much attention to the skin on the rest of their body. 94% of people over the age of 25 are not addressing the skin issues on their bodies, leaving them with discoloration, sagging, wrinkles, and more. These problems will only get worse over time if left untreated. What can you do to avoid and reverse the effects of toxins and aging on your skin? You may think you need to visit A doctor’s office to receive expensive treatments. In-office treatments are inconvenient and add up quickly. This machine is clinically certified to be safe and can be used on all parts of the body and treats a variety of skin issues including cellulite, spider veins, discoloration, acne, scars, and sagging skin. These problems can only get worse if left untreated.

Introducing Faith by Empire Tech Electro Bionique, combining all the solutions of doctors, cosmetologist and beauty specialist in one simple device. Faith by Empire Tech Electro Bionique is designed with 2 auto modes and a manual mode. This device is widely used all over the world to treat all type of skin problems. This device is powered by NASA revolutionary infrared technology including 4 wavelengths and thermos heating. You may use the auto mode or customize your treatment with the manual mode. The manual mode offers full control of light length, light power, temperature and time. When using this device for the first time we recommend to use the auto mode ONE. Press auto mode button and mode ONE the device will turn on and you can start your treatment. Mode ONE runs for 24 minutes using 4 types of LEDs and infra-red light to treat the skin. It will heat up to 60 Celsius applying tropical heat to increase blood circulation to produce collagen and heal the skin. During your second month, use mode TWO, this mode runs for 36 minutes and uses all 4 types of LED and infra-red and heat to penetrate deep into the skin, it is recommended to use mode TWO once a week. The manual mode allows you to customize your treatment, to treat skin issues the manual mode give you full control over the type of light, power of light, temperature and treatment length to help you get the best result.



Red LED Light: treat the wrinkles for the stretch marks created by losing weight, birth stretches sagging skin, joint inflammation, muscles it burns fats and strengthen the bones.

Blue LED Light: treat rochea, acne, dark spot, age spots.

Yellow LED Light: treat cellulite's, sunspots, age spot, sun damage, pigmentation.

Green LED Light: treat skin redness, spider veins, sun spot.

Cyan LED Light: balance secretion, stabilize skin and control fat.

Purple LED Light: treatment of acne and acne marks.

Cycle LED Lights: circulated seven colors, blemish, freckle, tender skin and deep skin restoration.

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Customer Reviews

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Mara Torres

I can’t believe it! In only 2 months I’ve seen so much difference in the appearance of spider veins in my legs and cellulite, I really didn’t think it was going to be this fast.
And it has helped tremendously with my muscle pain specially after working out, my skin looks firm and healthier!
Recommended 100%
But you have to be disciplined enough to use it how it’s recommended plus it’s easy to use in auto mode.

Sofia Sasson
POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, and the custom service is amazing

YES, this works. It's not subtle either—this device works VERY VERY well, and the results for me are instantaneous. I never imagined any treatment—much less a DIY home device

I'm not paid to write this and I bought this with my own money. I'm 40 years old and I am a huge DIY'er for at-home anti-aging devices and products. I have used a ton of different devices and this is the strongest RF I have ever used. I could literally feel my skin almost changing immediately and hours later. It was a very unusual feeling, very subtle, but I could tell this was WAY stronger than my other device that was 3 times the cost of this one. Plus, I really like the larger area it covers with the body attachment. I can do a treatment in half the time because of this as well. Overall, I have used this once and I literally said, "WOW, that was a game changer!" Very strong, heats up really quick and I could feel it working - I know that's weird to say but it's the truth. Another thing to note, the next day my skin was amazing on many levels. It's hard to put into words but I examine my skin daily and keep a skin diary that keeps track of my procedures, the outcomes, the way I felt afterward, how my skin looked/reacted, etc.

My best purchase

Best purchase I ever made is
Change my life, my body and my face

Samantha Evr
My secret “heavy weapon”

I normally don’t take the time for that, but this E Bionique is the real thing. I have been doing all type of fillers and invasive treatments and this guy is a game changer.
It is veryyyy pricey but you get this hard weapon.
Using it 3 times I think I can tell how those fancy celebs prepare themselves before going on the red carpets👠
Glad I have my sister in law working with a great plastic surgeon who talked me into it...

Jessica Pierce
The Real Thing!!!

I have been using the Electro Bionic for a little over 5 weeks
Very pricey,, but best in technology for its ability to detox, stretch., lift, boost collagen and elastin to the point where lines are really diminished even those static ones that I needed the fillers to hide them already after my third time using it , I can now tell how those fancy celebs prepare themselves before going on the red carpet👠
Having it at home I don’t need to spend thousands at the dermatologist I am so happy that my sister kn law working with a great plastic surgeon’s talked me into it worth the investment and lifetime warranty speaks for itself.