Authorized Retailer policy

Empire Tech guarantees the most effective system of LED light therapy for facial skin rejuvenation in the industry, provides customer a variety of products to target each part of the body and a warranty for all devices. 

Your device is only eligible for a warranty once you have registered it on www.  

Empire Tech is the sole and exclusive manufacturer and ​distributor of all Empire Tech products, manufacturing them and distributing them through authorized retailers only, including on our official website, 

Empire Tech products purchased from non-certified stores or from unknown sources won’t be eligible for the warranty, as we cannot assure the authenticity, quality or condition of the products that they claim to sell. Products can be expired, damaged, altered formulas, counterfeit, used or otherwise not safe for use. 


Empire Tech is committed to: 

  1. Provide prompt, professional and courteous service and communications to Customers. 
  1. Provide the highest level of quality products. 
  1. Deliver orders promptly and accurately. 
  1. Process warranties within 14 days.


None of the following websites are authorized to sell Empire Tech products: