Benefits of LED Light Skincare Therapy


History of LED in Skincare

Among the latest advancements in anti-aging and healing skincare technology is the incorporation of light-emitting diodes (LED) into skin products and routines. Originally tested in plant experiments in space, where power requirements as well as heat properties of traditional lighting sources limited its use, NASA scientists soon discovered that LED lights were successful in aiding plant growth.

Questions grew with regard to additional application of the technology and additional testing proved that LED could meet and even exceed many of capabilities of traditional lighting, including its medical use in accelerating the healing of human tissue and skin. (Source)

Red light-emitting diodes are growing plants in space and healing humans on Earth.

Red light-emitting diodes are growing plants in space and healing humans on Earth.

LED Use and Benefits in Skincare

The first handheld application of LED skin therapy was originally distributed in the frontlines of the military as a means of first-response, treating minor dermal injuries as well as pain. Despite holding 80 times the power of a 250-watt heat lamp, the device remained cool to touch. Since then, the device has been proven effective in treating scars, muscle spasms, arthritic pain, and many other skin, tissue, and muscle ailments.

Dermatologists have since refined this technology to treat aesthetic issues ranging from sunspots, scars, acne and fine wrinkles, depending on the intensity of the light. Because of its effectiveness and non-invasive nature, it is now being recommended by dermatologists. Below are just some of the ways LED technology has proven beneficial to health:

  • Customizable color therapy - Many LED products allow you to choose the color of your LED therapy. Choose red light therapy to aid in collagen production, hyperpigmentation, and wound healing. Choose blue light to help heal acne caused by bacteria.

    • Psoriasis treatment - In two separate studies, psoriasis patients resistant to other forms of therapy showed resolution to psoriasis after 2 20-min sessions with 48 hours between session for 4 or 5 weeks (Source)


    • Diminished wrinkles - After 12 LED treatment sessions, 87% of the participants reported that they have experienced a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. (Source)

    • Laser alternative - Since LED light is less concentrated than laser, and therefore covers more surface area, dermatologists are beginning to choose LED therapy as an alternative to laser therapy to treat larger areas of tissue requiring treatment. (Source)

    • Increased collagen production - Collagen, critical in skin cell production and rejuvenation, decreases in production as we age. In a test group, LED therapy was shown to increase collagen production. (Source)

    • Pain relief - The original LED handheld device brought relief to arthritic pain, helped to relax tissue, and could even temporarily help promote local blood circulation. (Source)

  • No down time - One of the primary reasons many dermatologists are now recommending LED treatment is because it is extremely efficient and yet requires no down time after therapy.

  • Convenient and Effective LED Therapy at Home

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