Meteor Ultra Calcium Plus

Meteror Ultra

Healthy skin reflects a healthy body! As we age, our skin becomes more prone to inflammatory conditions, natural collagen production begins to slow and our cell structure weakens, this results to wrinkles, discoloration and sagging skin.

To help reduce these signs of aging, Empire Tech’s Group of Skincare Experts developed the most advanced home-based skin care solution uniquely designed for face and body treatment.

Introducing Meteor Ultra Calcium Plus brought to you by Empire Tech - the latest breakthrough in the skincare industry and the only anti-aging device to feature the combination of Ultrasonic Hydration system, Infra-red Light Therapy, EMS Technology and Calcium Plus Supplementation Wavelength which stimulates the secretory system and promotes calcium absorption in the body. These unique functions heals and relieves muscle and joint inflammation, boosts collagen production, increase bone strength & density, smooth wrinkles, and clears acne for a healthy & younger-looking complexion.

Usage Method

Spectral Irradiation

30 ~ 45min / time is recommended (it can be adjusted according to different personal conditions). 1-2 times a day, no more than 60min each time,

Use of light in other bands other than UV:
with the foldable design, different part can be iffadiated according to the needs, and various bady positions such as lying on your side, or sitting and lying on your stomach; All parts from head to foot can be irradiated, which solves the problem of portability of large equipment.

Ultrasonic Fine Spray

The spray of nano units is generated by ultrasonic wave. Tiny water particles penetrate deep into the skin to accelerate water replenishment and absorption. The water replenishment and absorption speed is faster with it is recommended to use diluted products or purified water. It is strictly prohibited to use other high concentration cosmetic water or essence oil for mixing wit use with a facial mask to enhance the effects.

UV Light

The top of the spectrometer is equipped with UV (ultraviolet) light, which can be mostly absorbed by epidermal tissues with less adverse reactions.

Hot Compress Mode

Hot compress is a method of physical therapy. Hot compress therapy plays an important role in soft tissue unjury diseases. By deeply warming the skin and opening the pores, nutritional products are more easily absorbed. The temperature adjustment range is 45 °C ~ 75 °C. The temperature can be adjusted according to different personal needs. Recommended usage is 2-3 times per day for 15-20 minutes at a time.

EMS Micro Electric

Micro current opens the microi channel on the surface of the skin and the deeep connection inside the skin. The nutrients are delivered to the deep skin through micro channels, so that the skin can be deeply nourished. When using, the positive and negative electrodes need to contact the skin at the same time (or contact the skin throught conductive medium)

key Description

Key switch / function status description

The key control switch is touch control. The device will make a "Ding~" sound with each successful key press. The indicator light on the display mode is LED.

On / off key:

When the device is powered on, it will enter "standby state." Press the power button again to enter the "power on state." The light will become fully bright. Press the button again to exit the power on state and return to standby mode.

Auto cycle key:

Press the button once, the buzzer will respond, and the instrument will enter the cycle mode of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. Then press again to turn off the cycle function.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I’m now addicted to self care

The hot compress is addicting. It feels so good. I use it on my face after my bath after moisturizing the rest of my body and drying off. The heat opens the pores and then I do my nightly facial products and my skin just drinks them up. I used to do nothing for myself. I committed to this skin routine after turning 51 and I feel amazing. My skin doesn't just look better, it actually is better.


I fall asleep using this it is so peaceful and relaxing with the aromatherapy spray and the lights. I am doing two cycles, one green for sagging and then one red for wrinkles.

Purchased for my husband’s eczema… now I’m using it!!

My husband has multiple areas of eczema on the back of his legs and different places on his arms. One on his elbow and ankle were so bad he had to have the patches cut off. The other ones are getting there and cream isn’t doing much of anything. He wasn’t loving the idea of using a machine like this but I convinced him to at least try it for two weeks and if it wasn’t working then we would take it back. Two weeks in and things are happening. I don’t see it as much at this point as he says he can feel it. To me it looks a little dryer he says it feels different and less thick. He’s not taking it back which is great because I am also using it for my face and my skin is feeling tighter and looking healthier.

Works great.

The one I got one of the buttons wouldn’t push. I returned it and they replaced it no problem. The machine itself works great.

My only complaint is that i wish it was bigger!

I have cellulite all over my legs and parts of my stomach. My doctors says it’s genetic and some people just get it more. It’s too much everywhere for surgery in all of these places. I got this for the yellow light and have been using every day (almost) for 30 minutes per spot all over the top part of my legs and lower part of my stomach. The machine is big but I wish it was bigger because even at this size i have to move it 3 times to get all of the areas and that is an hour and a half for each time. I do it in bed at night while reading so it is nice because it gives me a time to relax and read or watch a show and do something for myself. It’s been 3 months and I can see that it is working slowly a little at a time. I hope that by next spring I can wear shots and cute dresses and not have to feel so self conscious. I’m already feeling better. Thank you so much for this. My suggestion is make it bigger!